Hull Dog Lovers Wanted for Pilot Education Scheme to Tackle Abandoned Animals Crisis

This Spring the UK Dog Rescue Federation and Hull City Council launch a partnership, the first of its kind, to help bring awareness of the plight of abandoned dogs and its effect on communities.

‘Helping Hull’s Hounds’, a six-month pilot partnership which was officially launched by the Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr. Harrison, will form an integral part of the federation’s national programme to help fight the current dog crisis, which, it claims, is largely fuelled by an increasing number of unlicensed private breeders.

In recent years, Hull’s rescue shelters have become increasingly overwhelmed by an unsustainable influx of abandoned dogs. In fact a recent survey conducted across the country and by region shows Hull’s stray dog problem in 2013 was roughly double the size of the national figure.

Endorsed by celebrities such as Peter Egan, Martin Clunes, Joanna Lumley, Philip Franks, and Anthony Head, the primary purpose of the UK Dog Rescue Federation is to raise public awareness of the increasing number of dogs being bred illegally, whilst, ironically, a growing number of healthy young dogs are being put down.

If you can help spread the word in and around Hull and are keen to take part educating dog owners to help tackle the stray dog crisis, please visit

Welsh Boxer Puts Weight Behind Dog Rescue’s Neutering Campaign

Former WBO light-heavyweight boxing champion Nathan Cleverly has thrown his weight behind Caerphilly based Hope Rescue and their campaign to provide free neutering for Bull Breed dogs in the SA postcode areas.

Launched this week, the Hope Rescue campaign is offering free neutering and spaying for any Bull Breed or Bull Breed cross until the end of May. This offer applies to all Bull Terriers, Mastiffs, Bulldogs and crosses, and is open to all households, irrespective of income.

Asked why he was happy to take time out of his busy training schedule to help Hope Rescue, dog lover Nathan said: “Neutering your dog is a smart move and will not only prevent unwanted puppies but will also help to keep your dog healthy.

“I’m pleased to support such an important local campaign and would urge all Bull Breed owners to take up this great offer now.”

Hope Rescue often finds itself at the forefront of dealing with the result of Bull Breeds being bred irresponsibly. Bull Breeds account for a high proportion of dogs finding themselves in rescue shelters and stray dog pounds every year, or sadly being destroyed due to the lack of a home. They are often the most difficult to rehome because of the ‘bad press’ they receive as a result of irresponsible owners.

Vanessa Waddon of Hope Rescue explains the reasons behind this campaign: “Our experience shows that there are increasing numbers of Bull Breeds ending up abandoned and unwanted in South Wales. We felt that we had to do something to help reduce the numbers of unwanted dogs and puppies.

“This neutering campaign is key to our aim of educating people on how to be responsible dog owners and to promote the often much-maligned Bull Breeds as loving, loyal and reliable breeds that make great family pets.“

One recent case bears out this view. A young English Bull Terrier found herself in the pound heavily pregnant and in need of a rescue space. She was taken in by Hope Rescue and after a difficult labour, successfully delivered 8 healthy puppies by caesarean section. These puppies are some of the lucky ones and have been rehomed by Hope Rescue to loving families. But for many unwanted Bull Breed pups the story does not have such a happy outcome.

Of the dogs that Hope Rescue saves, the Bull Breeds are less likely to get rescue or foster spaces compared with other breeds, and so on average will stay in temporary boarding kennels for a lot longer. This is not good for their wellbeing as many of them struggle in the kennel environment.

Anyone interested in getting their Bull Breed neutered or spayed, can contact Hope Rescue on a dedicated phone number – 07516 269081 or email for more details.

How to Fundraise for a Charity Project

UK charities rely on donations from members of the public, which can be supplemented by the Gift Aid scheme set up by the government that effectively gives an extra 25% to charities when UK taxpayers make a donation. There are a number of different ways in which you can donate to charity:

  • through a direct debit (even a small amount helps, and donating in this way gives the charity an idea of how much it can expect to receive during the coming year),
  • a one-off donation following an appeal,
  • shopping at a charity shop,
  • buying charity gifts,
  • leaving a legacy (a gift) to a charity through your Will (this can be advantageous in tax planning, too).

Proper Dog Nutrition

Many individuals and organisations also choose to hold fundraising events or raise money for charity by undertaking personal challenges or meeting personal goals.

For example, popular fundraising ideas include:

  • Stopping smoking (and asking friends and colleagues for a donation at the end of a specific period, such as after three months);
  • Losing weight (and asking for a donation per pound or when the goal weight is achieved);
  • Overcoming a fear (for example of heights, by doing something dramatic like skydiving or bungee jumping).

These types of fundraising events are always sure to receive support because the people who give money know the fundraiser and want to support their goals. But if you are wondering how to fundraise on a wider scale or on a longer term, you could consider holding a few different events through the year in support of a particular charitable project.

For instance the RSPCA Choices site gives details of several specific projects across the range of different types of work undertaken by the charity. There are, for example, projects that aim to provide veterinary treatment for animals, or that seek to pay to employ and train Inspectors (that particular project is called the Everyday Heroes campaign), pay to take cases of animal neglect and abuse to court or to take care of local wildlife.

The site allows you to select a project and then create your own webpage to promote your fundraising event. This is easy to do – you just need to fill in a few details such as your name, the date and details of your chosen event/events and why you have chosen that particular project to support. You can then share your page online through your preferred social networking sites and ask people to donate to the project by supporting your event.

For ideas on how to fundraise other than through personal challenges, try some of these:

  • A sponsored walk (perhaps undertake a local challenge – for example the Three Peaks Walk if you live in the North);
  • A charity raffle (this could be held at your local church, or with the support of your local school);
  • A craft fair;
  • A bun and cake sale;
  • A charity car wash.

Once you have raised money you can donate it to your chosen project. You will receive regular updates on how far your project is progressing towards its target and you can hold further events as and when you have time.

Good luck!

Santa Paws Is Heading To The RSPCA In Bristol

Mulled wine, mince pies, fabulous gifts and Christmas carolers! It’s that time of year again when Bristol Dogs and Cats Home will be hosting their annual Christmas Fair, taking place on Saturday 17th November.

The special event promises to be full of festive fun and even the big man himself is taking a break from his busy schedule to join us.

Rebecca Law, Fundraising Assistant at the Home said, “Come and browse the stalls to find the perfect Christmas gift and why not take part in some traditional family games or soak up the atmosphere whilst tucking into a warm mince pie. There really will be something for everyone so join us for a great day out.”

Organisers are hoping that the event will raise vital funds to help meet the £4,384 a day it costs to care for the hundreds of unwanted animals at the charity over the cold winter months.

Rebecca continued, “It won’t be a surprise to hear that we are currently full to capacity with unwanted and stray animals at the Home. This can be a miserable time for our furry companions so we hope the launch of our Winter Warmer Appeal along with our Christmas Fair will help bring in vital funds to keep toes toasty and tummies full this winter. So please, come along to the event, get into the Christmas spirit and help make a difference to animals in need.

Bristol Dogs & Cats Home, an integral part of the RSPCA Bristol & District Branch, provides care, shelter and a re-homing service for nearly 2,000 unwanted dogs, cats and small animals every year. The RSPCA Bristol Branch gives thousands of local animals in need a second chance for a happy life, free from pain or neglect.

With so many animals to care for the charity’s annual running costs exceed £1.6 million. Although a branch of the RSPCA, the Bristol Branch is actually an independent charity receiving no funding from the National RSPCA, Government or the Lottery. They therefore rely on the support from the community through donations, legacies and fundraising events to continue its important work.

The charity have also launched their annual Winter Warmer Appeal, asking the public to donate food, blankets and money for heating costs; to help provide for the hundreds of unwanted animals in their care over the cold winter season. Without the annual appeal, the charity’s annual food bill would total a staggering £52,000. Donations can be dropped off at the charity or one of the many collection points across the city. More information can be found on their website or you can make a donation via your mobile phone – just text WARM22 and the amount to 70070.

The Christmas Fair will be taking place on 17th November from 10am until 2.30pm. Entrance to the event is 50p for adults and children get in for free.

Blind Date comes to Bath Cats & Dogs Homes

Carers at the Bath Cats & Dogs Home work tirelessly around the clock caring for animals of all shapes and sizes. But, little did they know that playing cupid would also be part of their remit.

Gloria, a small six year-old Labrador Collie cross, came in the rehoming centre as a stray at the end of July. Staff could immediately see that something wasn’t quite right as her eyes were beginning to cloud over. So, we sent her off for some laboratory tests. These tests later confirmed that Gloria was diabetic and as a result was going blind.

This means that Gloria finds it particularly scary going out for walks and into new and ‘strange’ environments such as the outdoor paddock.

In however stepped Harvey. Harvey, a seven year-old black Labrador, came to the home in June following a change in his owner’s circumstances. Harvey is normally a very sociable dog and loves being around other dogs and people. However, when he came to the home he was very shy and needed some company to help him regain his confidence. So, the carers decided to play cupid and set Harvey up on a hot blind date with Gloria.

The setting: a romantic grassy paddock with plenty of toys, interesting smells and room for frolicks (and we’re not talking dog biscuits!).

Now the dogs are inseparable and the best of friends. Gloria has helped Harvey regain his confidence – he is much more relaxed in her company – whilst Harvey helps Gloria find her way around new and unfamiliar environments. Gloria is no longer as worried about going out for walks or being in a ‘strange’ paddock as long as she knows Harvey is around to show her the ropes.

The lovebirds are now looking for a ‘happy ever after’ home together.

If you think you can help and want further information about rehoming Gloria and Harvey then call Bath Cats & Dogs Home on 01225 787 321 or visit the website

To rehome a dog from anywhere in the UK, visit dog adoption site, today.

Could You Be The Perfect Home for Tomi?

Dog rescue charity Oldies Club is on the hunt for a foster or forever home for a rather gorgeous 8 year old Staffie boy called Tomi,
Tomi found himself in Oldies Club care after his owners circumstances changed and he was being left for very long periods every day with no exercise or attention.

Tomi’s a very lively boy for his age and he isn’t really a typical ‘oldie’ at all which Julie Haworth, press officer for Oldies Club, feels may be the reason that he is being overlooked ‘The majority of people who contact us are specifically looking for an older dog as they’re hoping to find a more sedate companion and with Tomi that’s just not the case! He’s not the typical type of oldie that we generally have coming in and most of our potential adopters just aren’t looking for a dog who has as much energy as Tomi unfortunately and that means he keeps being overlooked’ says Julie.

Sadly for poor Tomi, being left all alone for very long hours has left its mark on him. After having a sadly restricted life, he gets very excited in new places to start with, particularly if there are other dogs or cats about. He was living with a cat and another dog in his original home and Oldies Club feel that, with careful introductions, he may be able to live with other animals in his new home. He is a strong active boy, and he needs an owner who will be able to manage his initial excitement and be around for him to start with, ideally
someone who is used to similar dogs.

At the moment, Tomi is in kennels, and he seems very happy there – it’s a much more exciting and stimulating life than he has been used to, and he loves it. Tomi’s ideal home might be with someone who has an outdoor kennel or perhaps a room where he can’t do any harm or hurt himself , to be his ’safe place’ to start with when he can’t be supervised, until he can be fully integrated into home life.

All of the kennel staff are totally smitten with Tomi but Oldies Club would love to get him into a home environment where he can be properly assessed and enjoy some home comforts. Although Tomi is looking for a forever home Oldies Club would also love to hear from anyone who might be interested in fostering Tomi until his perfect home can be found.

Anyone interested in fostering or adopting the lovely Tomi can contact Oldies Club on 0844 586 8656 or via email at

It’s Staffie Month At All Dogs Matter

It’s Staffie Month at ADM!

All our Stafforshire Bull Terriers are a minimum donation of £50 this month which includes microchipping, neutering and vaccintionations.

(Subject to home check and suitability – assessed prior to adoption).

Can you please help us by adopting one of our lovely Staffies? Staffies are lovely dogs who make excellent pets and rank highly among the top dogs with children and were called the “nanny dog.”

Hundreds of staffies are being destroyed every month because of overcrowding in rescues and council pounds. Continuous over-breeding, irresponsible rehoming and bad press coverage of the breed have combined to turn this sad situation into the real crisis it now is. If, like us, you like Staffies and think they are being unfairly treated, please help us rescue them by sharing your home with one of them.

If you feel that you could offer one of our wonderful staffies a loving forever home, please call us on 020 8341 3196 or email us on or visit All Dogs Matter London’s section on


Specially Made Christmas Dinner On Cards for UK’s Dogs

Christmas is a time the whole family is together, a time to enjoy and cherish the memories made and it seems Britain’s dog owners are taking this message to heart as a new survey reveals.

The UK’s lucky canines can expect to enjoy the festive season as much as their owners as an incredible 49% of owners will be preparing them their very own special doggie dinner on the big day.

According to the recent survey carried out on behalf of Direct Line Pet Insurance, of the 1,021 dog owners questioned, almost half (49%) are planning to make a special Christmas meal for their dogs and with 46% planning a special family walk with their dog, it will soon be walked off!

Adam Whiteley, head of pet insurance at Direct Line, offered this advice to dog owners: “Dog owners going to the trouble of cooking a special Christmas dinner for their best furry friend are clearly doing so out of love and festive spirit. It’s worth remembering that there are a few things dogs shouldn’t eat at all, even on special occasions, as doing so can make them very ill or even cause death in extreme cases. Chocolate, raisins, onions, and added salt should all be avoided, as should sharp or small bones. It’s a good idea to make sure that all food items and treats are stored well out of reach of pets, during the holidays and all year round.”

According to the survey, 89% of Britain’s dogs can expect a delivery from Santa left under the tree for them to spend the holidays enjoying.

40% Britain’s dogs will have an average of £10 on presents spent this year with a lucky 9% having gifts worth more than £100 awaiting them.

Toys are the most favoured present of choice, but pampering with collars, leads and clothes also top the list of most desired presents.

However, with 26% of Britain’s dogs enjoying chewing presents, it might be advisable to make sure Santa’s little four legged helpers have someone keeping an eye out for them.

K9 Magazine editor Ryan O’Meara offered this thoughts on the findings,“The fact that nearly half of all dog owners are preparing to fully include their canine pals in the Christmas festivities is indicative of just how much the relationship between pets and their owners has changed in modern times. Dogs are now considered fully fledged members of the family and this research highlights just how seriously owners take that relationship. Dogs bring us so much joy every day, it’s nice to hear that owners take great delight in including them at this special time.”

Sheffield Dog Rescue Seeks Support Through Fundraising Campaign

From The Rescue:

Hi, my name is Nigel, I single handly run a small rescue called Helping Hands Dog Rescue based in sheffield,I board my dogs at a couple of boarding kennels, I recently saved 10 Staffies from death in hull ,I didn’t have any idea what i was going to do with them but didn’t care as long as i got them to safety, I organised emergency boarding for them which has cost over £1,000 so for. I have had to get them all vaccinated at a cost of £280.
I have received a great amount of support for these dogs but so far only one has been rehomed the problem being I am in danger of running out of funds. I have been raising a £1,000 per month for the last 2 year on my own, but I’m afraid I’m struggling to sustain the Staffies upkeep. The other reason for me contacting you is because you may receive appeals for my rescue from other people i.e Angi la la Aston and possibly more.

If you feel you would like to verify any of these requests please don’t hesitate to contact me, thank you for reading this message.

To find out more about Helping Hands Rescue, to donate or to offer one of the dogs in the rescue’s care a home, please visit where you can locate contact details.


Bath Dogs & Cats Home Launches Winter Warmers Campaign

Bath Cats & Dogs Home is today launching its Winter Warmer Campaign to raise funds for lighting its heat lamps to help sustain its more vulnerable animals in warm kennels and pods through the coming cold winter months.

The rescue centre, one of the largest re-homing centres in the UK, is calling on animal lovers to dig deep and help fund the heat lamps that keep its more vulnerable animals warm during the colder months, particularly the puppies, kittens, sick and older animals, whom need extra warmth to recuperate and survive, what is predicted to be another harsh winter.

BBC TV presenter and star of the Theatre Royal Bath pantomime Naomi Wilkinson took time out of rehearsals for Dick Whittington today to launch the Bath Cats and Dogs Home’s Winter Warmer Campaign. Star of the Saturday morning children’s wildlife show, Live ’n’ Deadly on BBC2 and CBBC, Naomi Wilkinson visited the Home to give her backing to the Bath animal charity’s Winter Warmer Campaign to raise funds for running its heat lamps to help sustain its more vulnerable animals in warm kennels and pods through the coming cold winter months. In her role as a children’s TV presenter, animal lover Naomi Wilkinson has travelled the length and breadth of the UK meeting animals of all shapes and sizes.

Naomi comments: “This is a particularly challenging time of year for abandoned animals and the Winter Warmer Campaign is all about providing essential care for animals young and old during the cold weather. Bath Cats and Dogs Home relies on the support and kindness of the public to keep providing a lifeline for hundreds of animals every day. Every donation made in support of this campaign will really help animals in need and make a big difference to their lives.”

Rachel Jones, head of fundraising at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, comments: “We continue to be full to capacity with dogs, cats and small animals, young, old, sick and healthy, which have come to us as innocent victims of the economic downturn. Financially, 2011 has proven more challenging than ever and whilst costs are constantly rising, donations are declining and we are now appealing to the public this Xmas more than ever to help us through these tough times. We are launching our Winter Warmer Appeal to help cover the cost of switching on the heat lamps to warm kennels and pods that need an extra boost to keep puppies, kittens, sick and older animals, in particular, snug during the festive period. Please help us make a difference to these innocent victims and help us give animals a cosy home this Xmas.”

The animal rescue charity, which provides essential shelter, veterinary care and re-homing services to more than 3,000 dogs, cats and small animals every year which relies solely on donations, fundraising and legacies to meet its annual operating costs of more than £1.3 million a year.

To donate to the Winter Warmer Appeal you can give online at, or contact the fundraising team on: 01225 787335. Or alternatively, please send a cheque made payable to Bath Cats and Dogs Home to: The Avenue, Claverton Down. Bath. BA2 7AZ