Rescue Charity Announces New Website

Jerry Green Dog Rescue, the country’s second largest dog rescue charity has launched its new website at The website provides an easy access to all you need to know about this leading dog rescue organisation including how to go about adopting a Jerry Green dog. There are contact details for all seven Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centres as well as photographs and descriptions of dogs available for rehoming.

“We hope this will prove to be a useful addition to the personal service that Jerry Green Dog Rescue staff provide at all our centres. It doesn’t replace our traditional individual approach to matching adopters and dogs but rather we hope it will enhance that service.” Desmond Bergin, Chief Executive, went on, “It’s critical to our success that we do everything possible to get this matching right first time and the new website will provide all the background information that prospective adopters need to inform their own decision-making about adopting a rescue dog.”

The new website also makes it easier for supporters to donate online through a secure link to support the vital work of Jerry Green Dog Rescue. In 2008, it will cost more than £1 million to run Jerry Green Dog Rescue’s seven centres and the charity is heavily dependent on public generosity. 

DAP and in Dog Rescue Partnership

CEVA Animal Health, manufacturers of the innovative D.A.P.® range of pheromone products, are to sponsor, the simple, easy to use, centralised location for people interested in adopting a rescue dog.

The site contains details of thousands of dogs currently living in rescue centres across the UK, and allows potential new owners to search relevant criteria for a suitable dog. On the site experts from CEVA will also offer advice on behaviour and taking on a rescue dog, as well as answering questions from worried owners considering giving their dog up for adoption.

Fabienne Maçon-Slater, Small Animal Marketing Manager at CEVA Animal Health elaborates, “Due to their often difficult start in life and their very different life in kennels, anxiety related behaviour problems are common amongst recently re-homed dogs. We hope to help address this problem and, using our expertise and innovative portfolio of pheromone products, help reduce the number of dogs returning to centres time and time again.”

“We are delighted to have CEVA on board as our principle sponsor,’ announced Ryan O’Meara, Managing Director of K9 Media Ltd who operate the website, ‘We hope to benefit from their experience and look forward to working with them on future campaigns.

Our first year was an enormous success. Over a thousand dogs found new homes via the website – this year, as well as increasing the number of dogs we help to find new homes we’re also hoping our relationship with CEVA can enable us to offer practical advice and assistance to people who may be struggling with their dogs and might be considering giving them up. We believe it is as important to try and do something to reduce the volume of dogs going into rescue system in the first place as much it is to find new, permanent homes for those dogs who are already seeking new homes”.

Thanks to the work undertaken by charitable organisations there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of stray/unwanted dogs in the UK over the last ten years. However, progress has now stagnated. Despite a year on year increase in the number of dogs re-homed, the population of rescue dogs has remained consistent for the last four years. In 2007, 7,892 of these dogs were destroyed1.

To combat these figures CEVA and are delighted to be able to announce Dog Adoption Month in July 2008, to raise awareness of dogs looking for new homes. A series of educational activities and awareness initiatives are planned to help reduce the number of new dogs ending up in rescue centres each year and to promote the concept of adopting a dog to the UK public.

D.A.P.® is a synthetic canine appeasing pheromone, a substance produced naturally by a lactating bitch to reassure and calm puppies, also proven to have a positive relaxing and comforting influence on adult dogs. The convenient new D.A.P.® Collar formulation is particularly suitable to help comfort and reassure rescue dogs while they adapt to a new home.

For more information on, National Dog Adoption Month and using D.A.P.® to help rescue dogs call the CEVA Customer Support Line on 01494 781510


Dogs Trust (2007), Stray Dogs Survey, accessed online at

Animal Rescue Centre Celebrates Award

It’s a bonanza for Ponderosa Rescue Kennels and Cattery as it wins November’s Petplan Charity Prize Draw

Castleford’s Ponderosa dog and cat rescue centre has won a valuable £500 donation from the UK’s leading pet insurance provider Petplan.  The rescue centre, which operates as a charity, will use the money to contribute towards the veterinary costs it faces on the animals it takes in.

Petplan works with more re-homing charities than any other insurer to help fund the care of thousands of homeless cats and dogs.  The company offers a cover note for six weeks free insurance to every owner adopting pets through the shelters it supports and also donates vouchers for insurance to visitors and supporters of the charities.  Each month a prize draw is held from all the vouchers and cover notes issued and one charity benefits from the prize fund.

Michael Banks has been running Ponderosa, which can take up to 40 dogs and 20 cats at a time, for 22 years.  He said:  “Many of the animals we take in need building up.  When they come in they are not covered by insurance and veterinary fees are one of our biggest costs so the £500 will be put to very good use.  We have an excellent relationship with Petplan and their support enables us to ensure that the pets we re-home are getting off to a good start with proper insurance cover during the busy period of settling in to their new homes.”

Petplan is committed to supporting the valuable work carried out by animal shelters all over the country, ranging from locally-based charities like Ponderosa to leading national organisations such at Battersea, Cats Protection, Blue Cross and Dogs Trust.

Simon Wheeler, Petplan’s head of marketing said:  “We understand what a difficult time it can be re-homing a cat or dog and are happy to provide the extra peace of mind that insurance cover gives during the first few weeks of an animal’s life in a new environment.  Having your pet insured is an important part of taking care of its future health and making sure that you can manage any unforeseen veterinary costs.”

DogsBlog Announces New Dog Adoption Video Channel, the UK dog adoption website operated by K9 Media Ltd, is delighted to announce a brand new feature designed to help more dogs find new, loving homes from within the UK dog welfare network.

In collaboration with a number of online video service providers including YouTube, and Revver, is now able to offer video ‘showcases’ for dogs looking for new homes.

Speaking about the video launch, DogsBlog co-founder Kim Bruce had this to say:

Since our launch, DogsBlog has always been proud of the simplicity of the concept. Our goal was to make it easy for people to find the perfect dog for their lifestyle from within the UK dog welfare network. The idea was for the site to be simple to use, fun and easy to get around – as well as providing a level playing field for all charities listed on the site to be able to publicise their dogs to a wide audience. Each charity on the site is listed as an equal, nobody has a higher profile than anyone else. We’re delighted that we achieved our initial DogsBlog goals very quickly and now it’s time to take things to the next level.

We’re also delighted that an incredible 51% of all dogs listed on DogsBlog have found new homes. Our aim now is to grow that even further and we feel that offering video footage of the dogs seeking new owners will help get even more dogs into new, caring homes.

We are very excited and confident that enabling people to actually see the dogs they are considering giving a new home to will greatly increase the number of dogs adopted via the site. Enabling people to watch ‘their’ dog online interacting with people, playing, walking and doing all of the things that dogs do will add an extra dimension to the entire adoption process.

Harnessing the power and reach of the web in order to get dogs into new homes is the very ethos of and we’re delighted that it is now so easy to work with video thanks to services such as YouTube and the widespread use of video recording devices on mobile phones. Let’s hope modern technology can assist those dogs who need it most.

An example of a DogsBlog video showcase on behalf of ‘Oreo‘ can be seen at the start of this post or you can view his footage on YouTube here.

Pet Adoption Week: 9,000 Animals Need New Homes

RSPCA Pet Adoption Week: 9,000 Lonely Hearts Need Loving Homes
– New survey reveals we look for similar characteristics in pets and partners –

A shocking 9,000 animals1 in the RSPCA’s care are in need of good new homes as the Society’s first Pet Adoption Week begins (Saturday 20 to Sunday 28 October 2007). This coincides with new research showing people look for the same qualities in both pets and partners2.

According to the light-hearted poll, most people consider personality to be the most important characteristic in both pets and partners3. Sadly the RSPCA can’t help people find a partner – but it could match them with their ideal pet!

Andy Foxcroft, chief officer for the RSPCA inspectorate and the man in charge of the team who rescue and collect so many of these animals, said: “We have thousands of animals looking for new homes through no fault of their own. Adopting an animal from the RSPCA will give one of these lonely hearts a much-needed second chance – and you will be able to enjoy the wonderful feeling of knowing you’ve given a special home to an animal that really needs it.”

During RSPCA Pet Adoption Week (PAW), anyone thinking of getting a pet is encouraged to go to their nearest RSPCA animal centre or branch where they will be advised on which pet could be best for them. The Society will take into account everything that both you and the animal need to give you the best chance of a perfect partnership.

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