Rescue Remedies Charity Dog Walk

On Saturday 15th October 2011 Rescue Remedies will be hosting a charity dog walk in conjunction with BIGGSD and GSDVIGIL.

The entry fee is £10 per dog (or per family). Your £10 entry fee will go to the charity of your choice.

The venue is FRISTON FOREST, SEVEN SISTERS COUNTRY PARK, EAST SUSSEX, BN25 4AJ. This postcode will get you to Charleston Manor which is less than half a mile away – with Charleston Manor on your left you carry on towards the A259 (Exceat) – keep an eye open for the first Forestry car park on your left – if you get to a tiny left hand turn signposted to West Dean Church or the A259 you’ve gone too far.

Please arrive by 10.15am to register and have photographs taken! The main walk is 8 miles, with a stop off for lunch (please bring a packed lunch). However there will also be a shorter walk running of approx 4 miles. Don’t forget to bring suitable footwear/attire and water for your dog/s.

We would love to catch up with old friends! We will also be bringing as many of our current kennel dogs as we can. Please note that ALL dogs must be kept on a lead.

So if you would like to join us and raise some much needed funds for RESCUE REMEDIES, and join in on a fantastic social opportunity for your dog, then please do come along!

Details on the event can be found by by clicking this link here.

‘Barking Mad’ Fun Dog Show In Aid of Hope Rescue This Bank Holiday Monday

Caerphilly based Hope Rescue is holding its annual ‘Barking Mad’ Fun Dog Show on Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August at Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Nelson. Gates open at 10am, entries for the dog show from 11am with judging starting at 12noon.

It will be a fun day out for all the family, with trade and charity stalls, refreshments, raffles, displays, demonstrations, have-a-go-agility and the fun dog show.

Entry is free and car parking is available at a small charge.

The money raised for Hope Rescue will go directly to support over 70 dogs dogs in its care. The dogs are waiting for new, forever homes and are either in temporary (emergency) kennels in Caerphilly or Coed Ely, Nr Cardiff, or in one of Hope’s foster homes across the UK. There are also a number of dogs in Hope’s care that require ongoing medical treatment and some who need special care as part of Hope Rescue’s Long Term Foster scheme.

Become A Dog Foster Carer: Urgent Appeal from Rescue Remedies

Saffy is 7 years old and her situation is desperate. Saffy arrived in our care close to death in Sept 09. Her current fosterers have cared for her and loved her back to full health. Due to urgent and pressing medical care and unable to deal with their dogs who do not accept Saffy, they are struggling to manage a segregated dog situation. Their situation dictates that they need the freedom to spend precious time together and open up their house.

Saffy is adorable and loves people. She is active, but suffers with hip dysplasia which has been caused from a very harsh life pre-rescue. She only needs 15 minutes walk a day and will lie-in until lunchtime if allowed. She is a true cuddle monster and bonds strongly with people. She would need to be fostered as an only pet and in a quiet household without children.

You can read more about Saffy by visiting her thread at:

If you think you can help Saffy by either offering her a long-term foster place or a forever home please get in touch completing the appropriate form below.

To offer Saffy an immediate foster place as an only pet then please complete our Fostering questionnaire online on this link:

If you are interested in re-homing Saffy please complete our homing questionnaire so we can ensure our dogs are matched and will suit your circumstances/lifestyle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

81% Of Britain’s Dog Owners Would Call In Sick To Take Care of Their Pet

It’s often said that pet owners see their pets as members of the family, treasured as much as any children and thought of as much as any family member. The pets of yesteryear provided certain functions as companions, such as sourcing food, whereas today, we ask nothing more than they be there as a companion in the home to comfort us, keep us secure, watch TV with us, make us laugh and simply be a part of the family. But how do we react when we think they may be falling ill?

Sick dog owners stays home

Job security may be an issue we’re all too aware of these days but a recent survey carried out by Direct Line Pet Insurance and K9 Magazine uncovered that over 81% of Britain’s dog owners would risk their jobs by calling in sick if they were worried their pet was falling ill but only 6% would tell their boss the real reason for their absence. A massive 94% of those surveyed felt more comfortable saying they were unwell themselves.

The same pet lovers compared this to themselves where only 69% said they would call in sick if they themselves were feeling under the weather.

Adam Whiteley, Head of Direct Line Pet Insurance, said: “Most people consider their pet to be part of the family, so it’s no surprise that they would take a day off work to care for Fido or Fluffy, just as they would for a child. It’s a well-known fact that pets improve the quality of life for their owners, and employees who know their pet is happy and healthy won’t spend time worrying while they are at work.”

So what could be done to help prevent as many sick days being taken? Could Britain’s employers take steps to becoming more pet friendly?

Ryan O’Meara, publisher of K9 Magazine believes more can be done to follow in the footsteps of employers such as Google, known for their pet friendly policy.

He says, “The benefits of a pet friendly office are known to those who have had the benefit to take advantage of them. Well behaved dogs are always welcome at our office, we even have a ‘dog rota’ so it can be planned in advance. A pet friendly policy can be great at bringing a new vibe to the office and can act as a great stress reliever. A short sharp burst of fresh air from a quick walk can also be great for freshening the mind.”

K9 Magazine Original Office Dogs

(Chloe and Jackson, pictured above, K9 Magazine’s original office dogs)

Top Tips for a Pet Friendly Office

1) Always have treats handy. Some people may not be used to being around dogs all the time, this obviously needs careful handling and introduction to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

2) Take your pet for a short walk every few hours to give them some fresh air and a burst of exercise.

3) Before introducing a full pet friendly policy, have a trial. Create a rota and have a plan in place for the trial so it can be assessed how it can work for you long-term.

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Help Dogs In Bath At Charity’s Annual Sponsored Dog Walk

Bath Cats and Dogs Home is calling all walking enthusiasts and their pets to dust off their walking boots and put their best paw forward at its annual Bath Skyline sponsored walk, the “Wag Walk”, on Sunday 8 May

This year walkers can bring either their own pet or alternatively take one or more of the Home’s four legged companions – not both, and they have the option of participating in either a three or six mile National Trust trail walk across Bath’s beautiful skyline. The terrain combines public rights of way, wooded areas, flat grounds and hills and takes in stunning views across the city and surrounding countryside.

The event commences from the Home’s Claverton Down site at 10am, although walkers will leave at staggered intervals between 10 – 11am to avoid congestion. The walk takes in the stunning city views from the University and Widcombe and finishes at Rainbow Woods. Free parking is available at the site.

Rachel Phelps-Allen, spokesperson, comments: “The Wag Walk is a great opportunity for individuals, couples, families or groups of friends to have a fun day out in the fresh air, whilst raising crucial funds to help care for our hundreds of needy animals. We are trying to encourage walkers to take one or more of our dogs out to ensure all our dogs on site will be able to take part in the event this year. This event is always popular and attracts hundreds of enthusiastic walkers. Walkers should allow around three hours, including a picnic stop, to complete the walk and are advised to wear suitable footwear, to bring wet weather clothing and their own lead, if at all possible, and, in case of hot weather, should ensure sufficient water for their dogs and themselves is available. Poo bags will be provided on arrival and well-deserved refreshments will be available after the walk. This is a great way to get fit and help our animals at the same time! Please get involved!”

Anyone interested in taking part in the “Wag Walk”, should call the Fundraising Department on 01225 787334 for a registration pack and sponsorship form. Alternatively, registration form can be downloaded from All participants completing the course will be presented with a certificate, whilst dogs will receive treats.

The animal charity is hoping to raise crucial funds towards its £3,000 daily running costs needed to care for the 3,000 unwanted dogs, cats and small animals, which are re-homed each year.

Adopting An Older Dog

Rescue centres have all kinds of dogs looking for a new home, you can find so many different breeds, shapes, sizes and dogs looking for homes with different needs to consider.

We’ve been lucky enough to get an insight into a brand new dog book, Living With An Older Dog – Gentle Dog Care offering you advice if you are looking to adopt an older dog.

There are also dogs of all ages currently in rescues looking for new homes, our sister site will testify to that! The staff at the shelter should be able to help you find an older dog that will settle well with you. Someone from the centre will usually want to visit you at home first to get an idea of your lifestyle, and also to make sure the environment is suitable. Dogs that will settle most readily are likely to be those who have lived previously with just one owner. As already mentioned, there may be a variety of reasons why owners can no longer look after their pet, which do not reflect in any way on the dog itself. On the other hand, there will be some dogs that are noisy, destructive or even aggressive, and their owners may have felt unable to cope.

Try to ascertain as much as you can about an older dog’s background if possible. This is particularly significant if you are looking for a family pet, because an older dog that is unused to children could become nervous in their company and may react aggressively if frightened. It is always a good idea to arrange to take a potential dog for a walk if possible, rather than simply looking at him in the kennels. This will give you a valuable insight into his behaviour, enabling you to discover whether he responds to basic commands, and if he is accustomed to walking on a lead. You will also get a much better idea of his personality, and how he reacts to you. This can be especially critical in the case of a dog that has been badly treated. He may not take to you readily, because something about you – perhaps even your coat or voice – reminds him of his previous owner. Clearly, if you do not bond, there could be problems in the future.

Introducing an older dog to the home is rather similar to having a puppy, although you will not necessarily be faced with the problem of house-training. If this is required, however, take the dog out early in the morning, during the day, and again in the evening, when he is most likely to want to relieve himself, and then praise him when he performs, just as you would a puppy.

Some older male dogs may seek to scent mark with urine in the home. Clean this up thoroughly, but avoid using household disinfectants, since some of these will attract the dog to soil the same site again. It’s much better to use special disinfectant and de-scenting products available from pet stores. However, the best long-term solution to this problem is to arrange neutering without delay, if it has not already been done.

Older dogs are often just as likely as puppies to scratch around the home, especially at the outset; therefore, try to avoid leaving your dog on his own with the door shut, otherwise you may find the carpet damaged, especially near the door where he has been trying to get out in your absence. Even linoleum tiles may not be sufficiently resistant to prevent damage by a dog’s claws, and neither is woodwork immune.

Living With An Older Dog – Gentle Dog Care is published by Hubble & Hattie.

Hope Rescue Launches Online Fundraising Competition

Hope Rescue is launching an urgent appeal to raise £3,000 to help unwanted dogs who are waiting patiently to find a foster home or their forever family. The fundraising effort is focused on a virtual dog show – complete with stalls, an auction and an online photographic competition!

A number of celebrity judges have very kindly agreed to help with the online photo competition – world-renowned dog trainer and author Victoria Stilwell; Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of “Formula 1 Supremo” Bernie Ecclestone; Television presenter, author and wildlife expert, Chris Packham; and Editor of ‘Dogs Today’ magazine, Beverley Cuddy.

The Hope Rescue Virtual Dog Show will run from 9pm Sunday 6th March to 9pm Sunday 13th March

Hope Rescue, based in Caerphilly, currently has more dogs in its care than at any time during its 6 year history. The situation reached crisis point in the New Year and has shown no signs of improving since then. There are currently 70 dogs in its care, with another 18 in the local authority pound waiting for a place – not to mention the ever-growing number of dogs on its surrender list.

The last 2 months has seen an unprecedented number of strays come in and the costs associated with finding a place of safety for these dogs – whether in a foster home, with another rescue or in Hope’s emergency kennels – has hit the charity exceptionally hard.

Hope leases private boarding kennel spaces as a “half way house” for those dogs in the pound that have completed their 7 days but do not have a foster home or rescue space secured. These kennel spaces literally are lifesavers, without them many of the less popular breeds, or harder to rehome dogs, would be euthanised.

During the last 2 months, Hope Rescue has kept an average of between 14 to 18 dogs in kennels at any one time. Many of these dogs are bull breeds and crosses, which are difficult to find foster or rescue spaces for through no fault of their own – it is often simply a matter of too many dogs resulting from over breeding.

The current kennel bills are in excess of £3,000 a month, without taking into account the associated vets bills and transport costs for 70 dogs. There are several dogs undergoing exploratory vet work for a variety of medical conditions, in addition to the day to day vet costs for neutering, vaccinations, worm and flea treatment and micro-chipping.

The aim of this Appeal is to raise £3000 – the equivalent of one month’s kennel costs – so Hope is asking for supporters to dig deep as the dogs lives are depending on it.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Appeal, can do so safely through the Hope Rescue Justgiving page:

Hope Rescue is always looking for more people willing to give a dog a second chance through fostering. Anyone interested in becoming a foster home should contact Hope Rescue on 07545 822919 or email

Open Days At Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Blidworth

If you’re looking for somewhere to go this Summer, the Jerry Green Dog Rescue Open Day could provide the perfect day out!

Based in Blidworth in Nottinghamshire, Jerry Green Dog Rescue are hosting Open Days on Monday 30th May 2011 and
Sunday 21st August 2011. Normally a great day out, supporting a fantastic local rescue.

For further details visit or telephone 01623 792886.

A New Dog Owners Guide To Pet Insurance

Having a pet means looking after it properly, especially where its health is concerned. A good idea would be to invest in a good pet insurance, which will counter the annual rise in vet fees (presently at more than 10% in the UK). It is estimated that up to a third of all pets need vet treatment every year. Dog owners in particular will find dog insurance invaluable, as dogs are more often involved in accidents or fights and need special protection to cover for health expenses. Continue reading A New Dog Owners Guide To Pet Insurance