A New Dog Owners Guide To Pet Insurance

Having a pet means looking after it properly, especially where its health is concerned. A good idea would be to invest in a good pet insurance, which will counter the annual rise in vet fees (presently at more than 10% in the UK). It is estimated that up to a third of all pets need vet treatment every year. Dog owners in particular will find dog insurance invaluable, as dogs are more often involved in accidents or fights and need special protection to cover for health expenses.

There are a number of companies offering pet insurance, so it is important to compare companies and quotes. The cheapest quote is not necessarily the best, as your coverage might not be adequate for your needs.

One kind of pet insurance offered is very basic and covers one injury only. It has a comparatively small limit that will be paid out for the claim and it is limited to claims for a specific time only, usually a year. This kind of dog insurance would be adequate if your dog is otherwise healthy but is perhaps injured by a car or attacked by another dog. The next kind of insurance also covers for a once off injury or illness, limited to one year’s claim, but the limit that can be paid out is higher than with the first insurance. A third kind of dog insurance would cover the dog for life, for any injury or illness, with a substantial limit for claims. Animals with chronic illnesses would benefit most from this kind of insurance.

Although most pet insurance covers for roughly the same categories, there are differences in the benefits companies offer. Coverage that every dog insurance offers includes paying for vet fees (usually with an excess amount involved), benefit paid upon the death of the dog and third party damage liability, which covers you for a substantial amount if your dog injures another person or a person’s pet, or perhaps causes damage to another person’s property. It is very important to be sure of the contents of your individual policy, as the extras offered by the particular dog insurance might not be necessary for you. If for instance you got the dog as a gift, you would not need the extra that pays out the dog’s purchase price in case it goes missing or is stolen. In the same way you would not need the option of emergency repatriation if you do not plan to leave the UK.

As with any product you purchase, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about the exact contents of the dog insurance policy.