Blind Date comes to Bath Cats & Dogs Homes

Carers at the Bath Cats & Dogs Home work tirelessly around the clock caring for animals of all shapes and sizes. But, little did they know that playing cupid would also be part of their remit.

Gloria, a small six year-old Labrador Collie cross, came in the rehoming centre as a stray at the end of July. Staff could immediately see that something wasn’t quite right as her eyes were beginning to cloud over. So, we sent her off for some laboratory tests. These tests later confirmed that Gloria was diabetic and as a result was going blind.

This means that Gloria finds it particularly scary going out for walks and into new and ‘strange’ environments such as the outdoor paddock.

In however stepped Harvey. Harvey, a seven year-old black Labrador, came to the home in June following a change in his owner’s circumstances. Harvey is normally a very sociable dog and loves being around other dogs and people. However, when he came to the home he was very shy and needed some company to help him regain his confidence. So, the carers decided to play cupid and set Harvey up on a hot blind date with Gloria.

The setting: a romantic grassy paddock with plenty of toys, interesting smells and room for frolicks (and we’re not talking dog biscuits!).

Now the dogs are inseparable and the best of friends. Gloria has helped Harvey regain his confidence – he is much more relaxed in her company – whilst Harvey helps Gloria find her way around new and unfamiliar environments. Gloria is no longer as worried about going out for walks or being in a ‘strange’ paddock as long as she knows Harvey is around to show her the ropes.

The lovebirds are now looking for a ‘happy ever after’ home together.

If you think you can help and want further information about rehoming Gloria and Harvey then call Bath Cats & Dogs Home on 01225 787 321 or visit the website

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