Could You Be The Perfect Home for Tomi?

Dog rescue charity Oldies Club is on the hunt for a foster or forever home for a rather gorgeous 8 year old Staffie boy called Tomi,
Tomi found himself in Oldies Club care after his owners circumstances changed and he was being left for very long periods every day with no exercise or attention.

Tomi’s a very lively boy for his age and he isn’t really a typical ‘oldie’ at all which Julie Haworth, press officer for Oldies Club, feels may be the reason that he is being overlooked ‘The majority of people who contact us are specifically looking for an older dog as they’re hoping to find a more sedate companion and with Tomi that’s just not the case! He’s not the typical type of oldie that we generally have coming in and most of our potential adopters just aren’t looking for a dog who has as much energy as Tomi unfortunately and that means he keeps being overlooked’ says Julie.

Sadly for poor Tomi, being left all alone for very long hours has left its mark on him. After having a sadly restricted life, he gets very excited in new places to start with, particularly if there are other dogs or cats about. He was living with a cat and another dog in his original home and Oldies Club feel that, with careful introductions, he may be able to live with other animals in his new home. He is a strong active boy, and he needs an owner who will be able to manage his initial excitement and be around for him to start with, ideally
someone who is used to similar dogs.

At the moment, Tomi is in kennels, and he seems very happy there – it’s a much more exciting and stimulating life than he has been used to, and he loves it. Tomi’s ideal home might be with someone who has an outdoor kennel or perhaps a room where he can’t do any harm or hurt himself , to be his ’safe place’ to start with when he can’t be supervised, until he can be fully integrated into home life.

All of the kennel staff are totally smitten with Tomi but Oldies Club would love to get him into a home environment where he can be properly assessed and enjoy some home comforts. Although Tomi is looking for a forever home Oldies Club would also love to hear from anyone who might be interested in fostering Tomi until his perfect home can be found.

Anyone interested in fostering or adopting the lovely Tomi can contact Oldies Club on 0844 586 8656 or via email at