Dog Rescue Shelter Profile: The Mayhew Animal Home

Mayhew Animal Home

The Mayhew Animal Home was established during Queen Victoria’s reign in 1886 “for the lost and starving dogs and cats of London so that they should have a sanctuary from the cold inhumanity they are being dealt outside”. Today it is one of the busiest animal sanctuaries in London, rescuing thousands of animals from cruelty and neglect. We believe that animals, as living creatures, are entitled to legal protection, moral and ethical consideration and have a value beyond economic measure.

The Mayhew states that its mission is to:

– take in and care for unwanted or abused animals and re-home them with responsible caring owners.
– ensure that no healthy animal in The Mayhew’s care is ever put to sleep.
– prevent unwanted animals through The Mayhew’s neutering and outreach programmes.
– promote respect and compassion for animals through The Mayhew’s activities, campaigns and education programmes.

No healthy animal in The Mayhew’s care is ever put to sleep.

The Mayhew is recognised nationally and internationally for the high standard of its care and facilities. Resident dogs at the Mayhew have heated and air-conditioned kennels with access to outside runs, while cats are housed in two separate catteries, purpose built to The Mayhew’s own design to provide maximum comfort and freedom; one for adult cats and the other for pregnant cats and kittens.

The Mayhew believes that education is the key to their vision of a world without abused or unwanted companion animals, and so they work with the animals and people to deal with the cause, as well as responding to the effects of animal cruelty and neglect.

The Mayhew runs a community outreach programme which includes:

– Roadshows on inner city estates
– Pet Therapy sessions at Great Ormond St Hospital for sick children & other day care centres for the physically and mentally challenged.
– Collaboration with the homeless charities St. Mungo’s & CRISIS
– “Pet Refuge” – a fostering scheme for animals in need of temporary care & accommodation
– Low-cost neutering, vaccination and microchipping clinics for all
– Educational visits for schools, groups & societies
– Mayhew Emergency Welfare & Spaying Fund (MEWS)

The Mayhew is also involved in saving animals from all over the UK and Ireland and supports animal welfare projects as far afield as Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Algeria, South Africa, Estonia, Portugal and Turkey.

For students who are interested in a career within the animal welfare industry, the Mayhew provides hands-on training for the NVQ qualification in Animal Care levels I, II and III.

The Mayhew is not a Government funded organisation and does not receive funding from the Lottery, therefore they are sole reliant on income from donations, contributions and legacies from its supporters. As the daily costs at the Mayhew exceed ?3000, EVERY donation no matter how small, makes a difference to them.

People support the Mayhew in a variety of ways, including:

– becoming a Friend of The Mayhew
– sponsoring a dog, cat, kitten or rabbit unit
– joining The Mayhew’s ‘Committed Giving’ scheme via standard orders or direct debit
– making The Mayhew Animal Home one of the beneficiaries of The Mayhew’s will
– carrying The Mayhew Animal Home MasterCard

The Mayhew always welcomes volunteers who they see as an invaluable source of help to the functioning of the home. Volunteers are required for dog-walking, cat & rabbit cuddling, fostering, helping out with administrative work, shaking collection boxes at fundraising events, baking cakes for open days and delivering leaflets.

If you would like further information on The Mayhew Animal Home, you can get in touch by any of these methods:

By post at:
The Mayhew Animal Home
& Humane Education Centre
Trenmar Gardens, LONDON, NW10 6BJ
Open daily: 11 am – 4 pm

By telephone on
020 8969 0178

By fax on
020 8964 3221

By email or web at or

Or you could call their fundraising office direct on 020 8969 711.