Specially Made Christmas Dinner On Cards for UK’s Dogs

Christmas is a time the whole family is together, a time to enjoy and cherish the memories made and it seems Britain’s dog owners are taking this message to heart as a new survey reveals.

The UK’s lucky canines can expect to enjoy the festive season as much as their owners as an incredible 49% of owners will be preparing them their very own special doggie dinner on the big day.

According to the recent survey carried out on behalf of Direct Line Pet Insurance, of the 1,021 dog owners questioned, almost half (49%) are planning to make a special Christmas meal for their dogs and with 46% planning a special family walk with their dog, it will soon be walked off!

Adam Whiteley, head of pet insurance at Direct Line, offered this advice to dog owners: “Dog owners going to the trouble of cooking a special Christmas dinner for their best furry friend are clearly doing so out of love and festive spirit. It’s worth remembering that there are a few things dogs shouldn’t eat at all, even on special occasions, as doing so can make them very ill or even cause death in extreme cases. Chocolate, raisins, onions, and added salt should all be avoided, as should sharp or small bones. It’s a good idea to make sure that all food items and treats are stored well out of reach of pets, during the holidays and all year round.”

According to the survey, 89% of Britain’s dogs can expect a delivery from Santa left under the tree for them to spend the holidays enjoying.

40% Britain’s dogs will have an average of £10 on presents spent this year with a lucky 9% having gifts worth more than £100 awaiting them.

Toys are the most favoured present of choice, but pampering with collars, leads and clothes also top the list of most desired presents.

However, with 26% of Britain’s dogs enjoying chewing presents, it might be advisable to make sure Santa’s little four legged helpers have someone keeping an eye out for them.

K9 Magazine editor Ryan O’Meara offered this thoughts on the findings,“The fact that nearly half of all dog owners are preparing to fully include their canine pals in the Christmas festivities is indicative of just how much the relationship between pets and their owners has changed in modern times. Dogs are now considered fully fledged members of the family and this research highlights just how seriously owners take that relationship. Dogs bring us so much joy every day, it’s nice to hear that owners take great delight in including them at this special time.”